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What's Interactive Content? How does it Boost Conversions & Sales?

Most people hate to be sold to.

Many online shoppers are weary of the many tricks marketers are using to get them to sign up for an offer or purchase a product.

And with the stiff competition out there, converting your web visitors into paying customers has become harder than before.

But thanks to interactive content, this hurdle can be solved.

Interactive content is uniquely crafted content to help you or your brand connect with the potential customer without selling to them beforehand.

In fact, neatly and carefully designed interactive content attracts future customers without them realizing you're actually selling to them.

Unlike ads and sales pages, interactive content adds real value.

Did you know, only 2% of buyers convert into customers the very first time they land on your sales page?

The remaining 98 percent would disappear in thin air if you don't engage with them.

Interactive content uses items like Quizzes,

Assessments, Surveys, polls, Chatbots, Giveaways, and eCommerce recommendations.

They add value to the customer and potentially convert them into paying customers, now or later through follow-up marketing.

Adds Real Value

1. It builds trust by answering your customer's most pressing questions early on in the buying cycle.

2. Buyers who don’t convert the first time will use interactive content.

3. It forms the optimal step in the buyer's journey between the first visit and the eventual buy.

Increases Engagement & Conversions

1. Highly interactive quizzes and calculators provide instant gratification and hence visitors are more likely to share their contact information.

2. Conversion rates from interactive content are nearly 30% higher than your run-of-the-mill landing pages because users benefit from the personalized results page.

Enables Market Segmentation and Targeted Sales

1. Interactive content helps you find out much more about your audience beyond name and email.

2. You can use this information to categorize them into specific segments including territory, industry, budget, outcome/result, etc.

3. Interactive content-based segmentation along with our powerful integrations helps you assign each segment to specific salespeople and to specific lists, which allows for more personalized and targeted sales follow-ups.

Brings New Traffic

1. It is inherently viral. Due to the personalized nature of the responses, one is more attuned to sharing results.

2. More people are searching for “How much does X cost” or “What is my risk of getting an X disease”. 3. Interactive content like quizzes and calculators provides the best answers to these questions so rise to the top of search results.

Mask Your Sales Pages

1. With action-based, value-added content, your funnel or web visitors will connect with your brand.

2. Attract highly converting traffic with curated interactive content.

Interactive Content is Better than Static Content

1. With interactive content, you'll 4X your conversions.

2. You'll attract additional traffic.

3. You'll collect essential data for marketing purposes.

4. You'll put your sales/brand growth on steroids.


Business Oners Love Interactive Content

Integrate Interactive Content into your Marketing Mix

Are you ready to sacle up your conversions and sales? We can help.

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  • We will design unique, curated interactive content for your business.
  • We will help intergrate the interactive content leads generation and sales and brand growth in your overall marketing.
  • Talk to us. Let's get the sales rolling in asap.

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We're a tech-based marketing company. We use a mix of marketing strategies and technologies to grow sales.

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